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For a quarter of a century, Silex has been at the forefront of MEMS manufacturing. From its home in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has grown from a revolutionary startup to a world-leading organization in its field, comprising many hundreds of experts across engineering, operations, specialist roles and leadership.

Silex was founded in Stockholm in 2000 by a team of PhDs from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The company swiftly grew beyond its research laboratory origins; by 2002, Silex had moved to the Stockholm production facility that it still occupies today. In 2008, Silex transformed the MEMS industry by introducing the world’s first 8-inch wafer fab.

Today, long established as the foremost pure-play MEMS foundry, Silex continues to work with the leading MEMS innovators globally to bring world-changing products into being.

To this day, the company leadership includes founder, board member and Chief Executive Officer, Edvard Kälvesten, and co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Niklas Svedin.

Silex Headquarters, Stockholm Sweden