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Working with Silex

Pure-Play Model

Silex is the leading global pure-play MEMS foundry. A longstanding and focused commitment to producing only the creations of others has made Silex a powerhouse in the industry, and one that provides an unparalleled combination of quality and volume capability in production.

At the core of Silex’s success is its unwavering dedication to MEMS: Silex does not design products of its own; it rather specializes in realizing the inventions of the world’s MEMS visionaries.

This decades-long MEMS focus has cultivated a culture of continuous learning and advancement, ensuring that Silex remains at the forefront of technological developments.

IP Protection

Discretion and safeguarding of intellectual property (IP) are of utmost importance at Silex, and at the forefront of all operations. The commitment to maintaining the highest standards in confidentiality is not just a procedural obligation; it is a fundamental aspect woven into the fabric of Silex’s corporate ethos.

Through best-in-class protocols organization-wide, Silex customers are assured that their groundbreaking MEMS innovations are utterly protected for a secure journey from concept to market.

The integration of Silex’s internal protocols and protective measures with ultra-secure Swedish safeguards ensures that Silex is a trusted partner for innovators, creating an environment where confidentiality is not just a commitment but a cornerstone of collaborative success.

Technology Leadership

Silex’s foundations lie in its unparalleled pool of engineering personnel expertise, combined with world-leading technologies and capabilities.

This engineering excellence positions Silex as the world’s number-one pure-play MEMS foundry, and make it an essential long-term partner for customers seeking advanced MEMS solutions.

Manufacturing Excellence

With the most efficient manufacturing structure protocols in the industry, Silex has decades of experience in taking customers’ products from concept to mass production in the fastest and most efficient way.

A high-yield focus and unrivaled capacity for growth at scale mean Silex offers the shortest time-to-market solution at any volume for MEMS innovators.

Swedish Engineering

Rooted in Sweden’s world-famous scientific, engineering, and technological heritage, Silex is a proudly Swedish company that embodies this legacy.

Leveraging the hallmark Swedish traits of trustworthiness and precision, Silex’s work helps to advance the world on an international scale. At its home in Stockholm, Sweden, Silex serves as a hub where the world’s leading MEMS talents come together in a shared pursuit of engineering excellence.


Silex’s outstanding status in the MEMS industry is not merely a result of its longevity, but is rooted in a relentless pursuit of tailored quality and an obsessive customer-focus.

This is demonstrated through a consistent delivery of high-quality products and its ability to scale production to meet any customer’s needs, no matter how complex or extraordinary.