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Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Silex is the world’s largest and most advanced pure-play MEMS foundry. With a team of expert engineers, operators, technicians, engineers, support staff, specialists, and much more besides, Silex transforms the visionary ideas of the world’s leading MEMS innovators into reality.

Silex prides itself on hiring great talent; the people are what makes the company operate at such high levels. While at Silex you will be able to take advantage of our employee benefits programme, individual salary agreements, internal collaboration possibilities, and more. Silex is proud to foster an environment of inclusion, equality, and representation; to learn more about how Silex actively works with diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging, please read here.

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What is MEMS?

It is highly likely that today you will interact with a device containing MEMS built at Silex’s Stockholm facility.

MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) are the microscopic devices that enable computers and machines to sense and interface with the physical world.

MEMS are found in nearly all modern technologies, from personal gadgets, to vehicular electronics, to medical monitoring and testing devices, to heat management systems.

Join the team in a world-leading company

Silex’s team comprises diverse talent in every position, and brings together the gifted, curious, visionary and determined to develop engineering excellence for global applications.

As part of this team, you will work with the world’s tech giants and the innovation leaders with medicine, life science, personal electronics, telecommunications, automotive and industry.

Career opportunities

Working at Silex gives you the freedom to explore opportunities and interests at the forefront of technological advancement. Silex operates a flexible internal hiring structure, giving employees the opportunity to develop, transition and advance between roles in the company. Silex believes in supporting employees’ passions and actively encourages cross-functional collaboration and role enquiries.

Silex’s approach

Silex fosters a culture of collaboration, valuing diverse views and perspectives while encouraging everyone to work towards continuous improvement, collectively and individually. Operating within a flat hierarchy, Silex maintains a familial atmosphere deeply rooted in Sweden’s honest, respectful, equal, and innovative culture.

Learn more about Silex’s core pillars here.

Advance the world

Working at Silex offers opportunities to have an impact on the world through technological advancements. Joining Silex means existing on the technological frontier: you will be tasked with finding new solutions to the challenges of the future. Joining Silex allows you to play a key role in the creation of extraordinary and ground-breaking innovations.

At Silex, you become an essential part of exceptional teams, collaborating with curious and engaged professionals and utilizing cutting-edge process technologies in a world-leading facility.

Learn more about the applications of Silex’s work here.

Life at Silex

Silex’s state-of-the-art facility is situated in Järfälla in the quiet northern suburbs of Stockholm. The facility is a five-minute walk from the natural beauty of the surrounding forest and just 20 minutes drive from the center of the city.

Beyond its campus, Silex and its working environment provides a host of benefits for its staff: the facility houses recreational amenities available for staff use, including a full-service gym and ping pong tables. Silex actively encourages extracurricular intra-team bonding, and hosts annual parties to celebrate the achievements of all employees.

Silex Headquarters, Stockholm Sweden