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About Silex

Silex is the world’s leading pure-play MEMS foundry, realizing industry leaders extraordinary innovations through cutting-edge MEMS engineering and manufacturing excellence.

The first choice for the world’s MEMS innovation leaders

For almost 25 years, Stockholm-headquartered Silex has been the pioneering force in global MEMS manufacturing innovation. As the largest and most advanced pure-play MEMS foundry, staffed by the most committed team in the industry, Silex delivers unparalleled precision, support and scalability for customers’ innovations, throughout the product development cycle and through to market.

Silex’s commitment to solving each customer’s unique needs, challenges and goals through tailored solutions is matched only by its relentless dedication to confidentiality and protection of IP.

Swedish values, advancing humankind everywhere

Reliability, integrity, and rigorous protection of intellectual property is combined with best-in-class protocols and rigorous Swedish legal frameworks to ensure customers’ groundbreaking MEMS innovations are secure from concept to market.

This rigorous approach to confidentiality makes Silex an implicitly trusted long-term partner to the world’s MEMS innovators, one with whom confidentiality is not merely a commitment but a cornerstone of collaborative success.