Pure Play MEMS Foundry

Recognizing that MEMS innovation is not restricted to a 2D design layout, Silex brought the “true” Pure Play model to MEMS foundry and has over the last decade grown to become the largest Pure Play MEMS foundry in the world, serving the leading MEMS innovators around the globe as their trusted manufacturing partner. Silex has expertise from manufacturing a very wide range of customized MEMS products but explicitly declines to offer any baseline product or application technology as we must at all times protect the competitive position of our Foundry customer base.

A leading provider

Silex is a leading provider of MEMS process technology blocks. Our technology focus, however, lies in providing leading edge generic (non-product) process technologies that our customers can leverage to create the most innovative product designs. We believe MEMS innovation will carry on at a fast and dynamic pace as we see the sensory revolution unfold in the coming decade.

Silex is dedicated to providing an IP safe environment where innovation leaders can have their ground breaking technology manufactured without interference from internal products or product technology platforms. Our success at applying this dedicated approach has made Silex one of the world’s most well-known and respected MEMS foundry companies.