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Silex’s first consumer-focused customer application was a key piece of technology used within cell phones made by the world’s largest mobile phone producer of the day. With rapidly increasing demand for high-volume production on the product, in just months Silex was able to deliver a complex MEMS device, incorporating Silex Sil-Via® TSV technology, at a scale of thousands of wafers per month.


Inertial Measurement Units
Audio MEMS
Camera Autofocus & Image Stabilization

Life Science & Medical

Silex’s very first foundry customer developed medical pressure sensors used inside the human body, a product still in mass production today. Customers’ products manufactured at Silex have played a vital role in furthering human health through applications such as DNA sequencing, protein analysis, cMUT/pMUT, X-ray detection and drug-delivery devices, and have played pivotal roles in the control of major global health epidemics of the past twenty years. Silex anticipates that Life Science and Medical devices will constitute some of the largest wafer volumes produced by MEMS foundries over the next decade.


DNA Analysis
Medical Sensors & Implantables
Drug Delivery
Medical Imaging


Some of Silex’s earliest customers were optical telecommunications innovators, and Silex has produced a wide range of MEMS micro-mirror products and silicon based high-precision components for optical telecoms. It is almost certain that the information you are reading on your screen right now has passed through a customer product manufactured by Silex.


Optical Transceivers
Optical Switching
Silicon Photonics
RF Filters

Industrial & Automotive

This market segment comprises some of Silex largest foundry customers and also spans the widest range of applications, including industry-enabling projection devices, thermal imaging devices, industrial printing, spectrometers, inertial sensing, timing devices, etc. These applications typically require some of the most extreme robustness and precision.


Timing Devices
Micro-Mirror Devices
Thermal Imaging