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As the world’s leading pure-play MEMS foundry, our vision is to be the undisputed partner of choice for industry leaders in shaping the future of MEMS engineering and manufacturing.

Silex’s operations is guided by six core pillars:


We believe in collaborating closely with each customer to truly understand your unique needs, challenges and aspirations.


Dedication and curiosity are the driving forces behind everything we do. The team’s unwavering dedication fuels the constant pursuit of excellence within MEMS engineering and manufacturing.

Operational Excellence

We believe in continuous improvement and have a relentless focus on integrating excellence into every aspect of operations, throughout systems and protocols.

Leadership in Innovation

We don’t simply follow industry trends; together with our customers, we pioneer them. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of MEMS engineering and manufacturing ensures that you will receive solutions that are not only cutting-edge but future-proof.


We thrive on solving complex problems for our customers. The team embraces challenges, and has a proven track record of turning obstacles into solutions.

Integrity & Discretion

Reliability, integrity and rigorous dedication to protection of IP safeguard everything we do and stand for.