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Edvard Kälvesten

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member and Founder

In current position since 2002.

Edvard founded Silex in 2000 as a direct result of his groundbreaking PhD research within MEMS. With over two decades immersed in the MEMS industry, Edvard continues to spread his wealth of expertise and passionate engagement as CEO and Board Member of Silex and incorporating his driven visionary technology innovative spirit throughout the company. Edvard’s profound and valuable dedication to the evolution of the MEMS industry also includes numerous patents and patent-pending applications.

Tomas Bauer

Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development

In current position since 2006.

Tomas Bauer has an outstanding record of deploying successful strategies in the sales of complex technical solutions and manufacturing services. Since joining Silex in 2004, Tomas has played an important role in shaping the global foundry business strategy of Silex and has made a significant contribution to the overall growth of the company. Prior to joining Silex, Tomas held positions with Temex and Ericsson Microelectronics.

Sofia Hultberg

Chief Financial Officer

In current position since 2021.

Sofia Hultberg has had a long career in executive-level financial positions. Most recently, she served as CFO & Vice President for Ramirent AB, Head of Business Control & Finance for Fortum Värme AB. With over 15 years of experience with deep knowledge in the utilities industry and construction industry, Sofia has strong human resources knowledge, is professionally skilled in ERP implementations, and has Strategic and Business Planning, Shared Services, Change Management and Board level experience.

Ulf Cedergren

Chief Operating Officer

In current position since 2019.

Ulf Cedergren has over 15 years of experience in the MEMS industry. After joining Silex in 2006, Ulf was appointed VP Manufacturing in 2010. Ulf has been a key player in developing Silex for over fifteen years, and has been involved in the organization of manufacturing systems as well as building the capacity and capability needed for Silex’s continuous growth.

Matts Rydberg

Vice President, Supply & Logistics

In current position since 2016.

Dr. Matts Rydberg displays an extraordinary passion to improve business results through cross functional engagement and employee involvement. With an extensive background in Operations, Supply Chain, and R&D in the semiconductor, MEMS and medical industries, Matts delivers substantial business profitability by driving development and continuous improvement. Matts has a PhD in Solid State Electronics from Uppsala University. Prior to joining Silex, Matts worked at Ericsson Microelectronics, Infineon and StJude Medical Inc.

Håkan Westin

Vice President, Manufacturing

In current position since 2017.

Håkan Westin has more than 20 years of experience in the MEMS industry. He has outstanding expertise in successfully developing fully integrated manufacturing process flows for Silex’s foundry customers. Since joining Silex in 2002, Håkan has personally overseen the completion of hundreds of customized MEMS manufacturing programs at Silex. Håkan has a Master of Science in Technical Physics from Uppsala University.

Martin Hedström

Vice President, Foundry Services

In current position since 2017.

Martin Hedström has over 20 years of experience in the MEMS industry. Prior to joining Silex in 2004, Martin held positions with several European MEMS companies. Starting as a customer program manager at Silex, Martin Hedström was responsible for developing customized MEMS processes and developing several products from concept demonstration to mass production before he was appointed Director of Production in 2006. Martin’s extensive background in MEMS process development and volume production has been key for the growth of Silex over the last decade. Martin has a Master of Science degree in Materials Physics from Uppsala University.

Niklas Svedin

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

In current position since 2011.

Having joined Silex in 2000, Dr. Niklas Svedin is responsible for the strategic technology development at Silex and is also acting patent portfolio manager. As a qualified Six Sigma Black Belt with excellent problem-solving skills, Niklas has successfully completed a significant amount of development and improvement projects for Silex’s most challenging customer programs. He has played an indispensable role in the development of many of Silex’s key process technologies that are the core of the company’s value proposition, including the Sil-Via®, Met-Via®, low-temperature Eutectic bonding, temporary carrier bonding, and more.

Katharina Fernqvist

Vice President, Product Development

In current position since 2022.

Since joining Silex in 2013, Katharina has worked as Product Manager and thereafter as Group Manager within Product Development. Katharina has been involved in many product setups at Silex with a tendency towards larger programs targeting in need of rapid market launch. Her background as Process Engineer at a startup includes III-V Nanowire based LEDs.

Erica Falsen

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

In current position since 2023.

Erica Falsen started at Silex as VP & Head of HR International with more than 20 years of experience in leading positions in international, fast moving, and rapidly-changing environments. Prior to joining Silex, Erica held positions with Brightstar, 3M, Svenska Spel, and Capitel Rekrytering. Erica has a Bachelor of Science degree in HRM from Stockholm University.

Daniel Perttu

Vice President, Customer Integration Engineering

In current position since 2019. Employed with Silex since 2008.

Having started at Silex as Project Manager in 2008, Daniel transitioned to developing the Silex suite of generic process technologies in the R&D department. His function and role in the company constitutes a critical bridge between the technical and commercial side of the customer-facing teams at Silex. Daniel’s role ensures that customers can utilize the most competitive process technologies and know-how available at Silex through the structuring of our MEMS Foundry programs for the most efficient execution and success rate. Daniel has a Masters of Science in Molecular Biotechnology and a Master of Social Science in Business Economics from Uppsala University.

Thomas Ericson

VP, Production and Planning

In current position since 2018.

Thomas Ericson has more than 20 years of experience in the MEMS industry. Prior to joining Silex in 2004, he held key positions within MEMS R&D and Biomedical startup companies. At Silex, Thomas has been responsible for initiating and developing several of Silex’s customer products and has been central in developing many of Silex’s MEMS process capabilities. Thomas has a Master of Science in Technical Physics from Uppsala University.

Mats Ljung

Vice President, Quality

In current position since 2022.

Mats Ljung has more than 14 years of experience in MEMS manufacturing. Starting at Silex as Project Manager in 2008, he later transitioned to manufacturing to lead the Plasma department. With experience in both customer relations and manufacturing, as well as involvement in many key quality improvement projects, Mats was appointed VP of Quality. Mats has a Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology from Uppsala University.

Robert Hulthén

Chief Information Officer

In current position since 2021.

Robert Hulthén has over 30 years of experience in leading positions within information technology. He has previous experience in the Travel & Transportation, Logistics, Banking and Pharmaceutical industries. Robert is responsible for leading the IT department at Silex, overseeing system development, IT-infrastructure services, and information security.

Joakim Pedersen

Vice President, Human Resources

In current position since 2022.

Joakim Pedersen is an experienced leader and a highly trusted HR advisor with extensive experience from both large international companies as well as smaller companies within the Healthcare, R&D, Product Management and Aviation industries. Joakim has experience in employee and union relations as well as general HR processes including recruitment, training and compensation, and benefits management. Joakim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioural Science from Uppsala University.

Anna Rådberg

Vice President, Facility & EHS

In current position since 2023.

Anna has vast experience developing and implementing EHS strategies to enable a safe, sustainable and healthy workplace. She has experience from both heavy industries and construction industries. Anna has a Master of Science in Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology.