Process Control

Running a variety of production processes on two independent MEMS fabs and delivering the quality and reliability that our customers demand is only possible when we have the rigorous and well defined measurement and control systems in place. At Silex, we take the job of delivering quality material to our customers seriously, and this starts with the Process Controls in our fab and ingrained in our methodology. This section is a brief overview of the systems we use to implement a production Quality Control system which is tailored to each customer’s product needs.

Enterprise Control System

  • Advanced order processing system based on standard database system with browser interface
  • Complete order processing sequence visualizing quotes, orders, planning, ongoing jobs, deliveries and invoicing for the various functions of the company
  • Bottleneck management of projects, planning, manufacturing and economy
  • Signing off of key steps in the product development process
  • Securing organizational ability to meet defined requirements
  • Enhancing communication with customers by providing true visibility of the customer project
  • Efficient internal coordination between sales, design and manufacturing
  • Tool to follow up on quality objectives, fully visible to fab management, sales and top management

Production Management

  • Advanced batch management system based on standard database and browser interface
  • Visualizing the load in each fab area, i.e.: WIP and cycle time management
  • Each step signed off by operator for easy follow up on yield, deviations, lead time
  • Standardized process and major building block quality assurance modules
  • Individual batches easily tracked
  • Displaying status of equipment
  • Automatic Process Control and Statistical Process Control an all key equipment
  • Fully visible to operators, service engineers, process engineers, area managers, product managers and management

Production Management Systems

Computerized Quality Management Support System

  • Quality Manual
  • Documentation System
  • Enterprise Control System
  • Production Management System
  • SPC (Minitab 15 seamlessly integrated)
  • Financial System (monitor)

SPC with Minitab Integration