Silex Microsystems AB – Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Silex Microsystems AB operates in a world which expects companies to be aware of their impact on society on the basis of environmental, economic and social factors.

This policy relates to Silex Microsystems Corporate Social Responsibility work (“CSR policy”). CSR is a concept based on companies taking into account the development of society in general by considering the effects of the company’s activities on customers, suppliers, employees and owners, as well as on the community and the environment. Silex Microsystems CSR policy describes the Silex Microsystems group’s desired approach with regard to such factors. Silex Microsystems’s CSR policy is supplemented by the group’s other policies.

Silex Microsystems operations shall be implemented in accordance with the group’s vision and values, as well as the guideline for development which is sustainable in the long term.

Business operations must be implemented while observing stringent requirements in terms of integrity and ethics, in addition to all business economy requirements, targets and guidelines.

The Silex Microsystems group, its companies and employees must observe the following guidelines:

  • Silex Microsystems must comply with the laws and ordinances applicable in the countries in which the group operates, as well as the group’s CSR policy.
  • Silex Microsystems respects the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( and ILO Core Conventions (International Labor Organization) and accepts its responsibility to observe the rights of employees and communities insofar as they are affected by the activities of the group.
  • Silex Microsystems maintains an open mind in discussion with anyone affected by the activities of the group. Silex Microsystems responds to enquiries from third parties and communicates with affected parties in an efficient and timely manner. (See also Silex Microsystems “Information policy”.)

The group must strive to ensure that suppliers and subcontractors comply with relevant principles in this CSR policy within the fields in which Silex Microsystems has an influence. All Silex Microsystems group employees are responsible for ensuring that they personally, as well as the operation in which they are active, behave in accordance with these values and business principles. It is the responsibility of each and every employee to ensure that they have sufficient information on relevant laws, regulations and policies in connection with all business, personal and investment decisions.

Management is responsible for ensuring that this CSR policy is implemented and that the activities of the group take place in compliance with it. Every senior executive is responsible for reporting any cases of fraud or other criminal behavior to a member of the executive group. Confirmed violations of Silex Microsystems’s CSR policy will lead immediately to disciplinary action, including termination of employment in the case of serious breaches of the guidelines.

The Silex Microsystems group strives to be a respected employer among both present and potential employees. Silex Microsystems must provide a good work environment from a physical and a psychosocial standpoint. Silex Microsystems must also strive to be an attractive employer in terms of the professional and personal development of its employees. This policy is not geared to business issues relating to the HR function for the group, but instead specifies rules which constitute minimum requirements. Relationships with and among employees must be based on mutual respect and dignity, as well as reasonable influence in areas which affect the work situations of individuals.

  • The employment terms, including financial remuneration and working hours, offered to the group’s employees and its subcontractors must meet at least the minimum requirements laid down in national legislation or according to industrial standards.
  • Silex Microsystems will not accept forced labor, slave labor or other forms of involuntary labor at the group’s places of work. Nor does the group permit methods which restrict the free movement of its employees.
  • Silex Microsystems does not employ people under the age of 15, and if local legislation defines a higher minimum age then nobody below this limit may be employed.
  • Silex Microsystems gives all group employees equal opportunities regardless of the color of their skin, sex, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or other distinguishing characteristics. The group does not permit discrimination or harassment. (See also Silex Microsystems’s “Equal Opportunities Policy”.)
  • Silex Microsystems recognizes employees’ right to form or join trade unions in accordance with the laws and principles applicable in individual countries.
  • Silex Microsystems must offer a safe, healthy work environment. All group companies are responsible for ensuring that work is carried out in a manner which prevents injuries and ill-health. Written health and safety instructions must be applied at the group’s places of work.
Silex Microsystems business is based on close, long-term relationships with customers and other business partners. Silex Microsystems wishes to be perceived as a credible, long-term, reliable partner and must operate in a manner which is professional, honest and ethically correct. The group will not accept corruption, bribery and disloyal, anticompetitive actions. All sales and marketing of Silex Microsystems products and services must take place in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in each respective country.

  • Silex Microsystems must not contravene applicable laws on competition in the respective countries. The group will not participate in cartels or other illegal co operations with competitors, customers or suppliers which would restrict or distort competition. If any company in the group is contacted with a proposal for such cooperation or has reason to believe that one of its partners is involved in a cooperation of this type, this must be reported to the group executive and the competition authority in the country in question.
  • Silex Microsystems must not offer or give improper payment or other remuneration to any person or organization with a view to persuading the person or organization to act in contravention of prescribed obligations in order to employ Silex Microsystems or retain commissions for the group.
  • Silex Microsystems must not – directly or indirectly – request or accept any form of improper payment or other remuneration given with a view to persuading the group to act in contravention of obligations prescribed by Silex Microsystems. To avoid conflicts of interest, employees within the Silex Microsystems group must only give or receive gifts or services which are consistent with general business practice, do not breach applicable laws, are of no major financial value and cannot reasonably be considered to constitute bribes.
  • Silex Microsystems respects the assets of other companies and protects all tangible and intangible assets of the group to prevent their loss, theft, infringement or misuse.


In areas in which Silex Microsystems maintains an influence, the group must attempt to ensure that suppliers and subcontractors comply with relevant principles in Silex Microsystems CSR policy and, for example, offer their employees a safe, healthy work environment. Silex Microsystems does not purchase products from suppliers which are unable upon request to submit written assurance that child labor is not permitted in their production.

When selecting suppliers, Silex Microsystems must take into account their ability to meet the requirements laid down in this CSR policy. Silex Microsystems must maintain appropriate processes for evaluation and selection of priority suppliers and partners. Such evaluation processes also take into account the ability to meet the requirements in this CSR policy. The group reserves the right, by agreement with suppliers, to carry out independent reviews of suppliers’ businesses and physical facilities with the assistance of its own employees and/or external partners in accordance with Silex Microsystems efforts to achieve transparency and inspire confidence.

Silex Microsystems impact on the environment and its preventive work with this environmental impact are vital issues for the group. Silex Microsystems’s “Environmental Policy” expresses a desire for the group to accept its share of the responsibility for reducing environmental impact and assist with sustainable development which will endure over time. Silex Microsystems must encourage the development and distribution of eco-friendly technology. Environmental work must be structured and, where justified, comply with internationally recognized environmental management systems (such as ISO 14001). Environmental measures must be undertaken wherever technically possible, economically reasonable and environmentally justified. (See also Silex Microsystems’s “Environmental Policy”.)

Each and every company within the Silex Microsystems group must strive to establish good relations in the local communities in which they operate. Business decisions which may be assumed to impact on the community in general must, wherever possible, always be preceded by – or followed as soon as possible by – discussions with community representatives with a view to identifying any need for collective action.

Silex Microsystems must be politically impartial and not make direct financial contributions to political parties or candidates.

Silex Microsystems CSR policy is ratified by the Silex Microsystems management team annually. The date and version of the edition of the policy are stated on the letterhead of the document. The latest updated version/edition of the policy must always be available in Silex Microsystems quality manual. All group employees are responsible for ensuring that they stay up-to-date with the latest revised policy. This CSR policy must be included in the introductory training of new group employees.

Policy updated 7 Jan 2019