Company Overview

Silex Microsystems, the world’s largest pure-play MEMS foundry, is driving the sensory system revolution, partnering with the world’s most innovative companies to commercialize MEMS technologies that can change the world.

How we do it

The lifecycle for MEMS development is complex and requires deep specialized knowledge and expertise as a product goes from early prototype to initial production and volume manufacturing. Silex is dedicated to getting customers quickly, cost-effectively and reliably through the product development cycle with:

  • Expertise in rapid commercialization of MEMS products
  • Proven, stable, high-volume MEMS manufacturing capabilities
  • Pioneering innovation that delivers transformative MEMS manufacturing capabilities
  • Collaborative partnering that is responsive to customers’ needs and driven to enable customers’ success, from project inception to volume production

Partnering with Customers in Key Markets

At Silex, customers work collaboratively with the industry’s most knowledgeable and creative MEMS manufacturing experts and benefit from our global ecosystem of development partners to take MEMS to market faster. Since our beginnings in 2000, our unique expertise in providing cutting-edge MEMS foundry services, innovative process technologies and proven high volume production capabilities have enabled MEMS innovators to rapidly, cost-effectively and reliably commercialize and ramp products to high volume in key application areas such as handheld and micro fluidic devices and markets such as:

  • Communications
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Life sciences

We have successfully completed more than 300 MEMS projects and 50 BioMEMS programs with over 100 corporate customers globally, including half of the world’s top 30 MEMS companies.

Technology Leadership

Silex offers the industry’s most advanced MEMS and heterogeneous wafer-level packaging and state of the art MEMS manufacturing tools & equipment with production operations totaling 29,000 square feet and a dedicated line for 8” wafers, giving customers a strategic path to high volume. Both fabs are ISO9001:2015 certified and capable of R&D and production support.

Our innovative Sil-Via® TSV has been in continual high-volume production for more than 8 years and used successfully in over 100 products for 40 customers, nearly half of whom are repeat customers. Our customers also benefit from our:

  • Proven technologies and capabilities like Sil-Via® TSVs
  • Proven quality and production management systems
  • Leading-edge production services for 3D packaging
  • Ongoing investment in next-generation equipment, tools and foundry facilities

For more detailed information on our technologies, visit our Key Technologies page.

Manufacturing Process Excellence

Because the nature of MEMS drives unique process flows for each product, Silex has developed skills unique to the MEMS market, including managing process development, process integration and production operations on the same manufacturing line.

Our customized software for product development and production control allows us to manage a widely diverse product and process mix, while guaranteeing consistency in process control and quality. Our system allows for the intelligent reuse of common process steps (the Silex SmartBlock™ approach) which allow for rapid prototyping and customization while maintaining processing consistency.