12 December, 2019

ULVAC and Silex to Develop Leading-Edge Sputtered PZT

Jarfalla, Sweden, Dec., 2019 /Semiconductor-Digest/ — SILEX Microsystems AB (Silex), headquartered in Järfälla, Sweden and lead by CEO Edvard Kälvesten and ULVAC Inc. (ULVAC), headquartered in Kanagawa (Japan), and lead by CEO Setsuo Iwashita, today announced they have signed an agreement to develop a production thin film piezoelectric process (PZT) for MEMS actuators and sensors with cutting edge performance and reliability.

Silex Microsystems, a world leading MEMS foundry, has more than a decade of experience working with PZT and has now selected ULVAC’s SME-200 sputtering system for the mass production of MEMS devices. Along with the growth of MEMS technology, sensors and actuators that use piezoelectric devices have been developed and commercialized in recent years. ULVAC believes that MEMS manufacturing technologies, such as thin-film deposition and dry etching will be the key factor in producing high quality piezoelectric devices in the years to come.

ULVAC GmbH was established in 1987 as the European subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc. located in Kirchheim (Munich), Germany. From Kirchheim, sales and service teams serve the EMEA region to support manufacturers of MEMS, Power Devices, RF Devices as well as national laboratories. ULVAC offers a full line of sputtering, evaporation, plasma etching, ashing, ion implanting, PECVD for mass production and R&D.

Silex Microsystems is the world’s largest Pure Play MEMS foundry bringing advanced process technologies and 200mm wafer volume manufacturing capacity to a wide range of high-tech companies and innovation leaders in the MEMS industry. Silex dedication to the true Pure Play model and protection of customer IP means that we explicitly stay away from product technology development and focus our R&D efforts on generic process blocks and processing capabilities that our customers can incorporate into their product designs to create the most competitive solutions. Examples of such generic technology nodes developed by Silex pertain to the packaging and interconnect space such as TSV’s (Sil-Via®, Met-Via® and TGV), 2.5D Interposers and low temperature wafer bonding technologies for Wafer Level Integration of MEMS and CMOS. Other areas where Silex is offering leading production technology nodes are in the processing capability of novel materials such as AlN, PZT, thick polymers, magnetic materials and a wide range of alloys and noble materials.

For further information:

Mr. Tomas Bauer, Vice President Sales & Business Development, Silex Microsystems AB
Tel: +46 70 750 31 38, Email: sales@silex.se


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