14 November, 2017

PZT Prototyping – MPW Shuttle 2018

Silex Microsystems invites customers, partners and associates to participate in its next PZT Prototyping MPW (Multi Project Wafer) Shuttle.   This Run will be a high confidence exploratory fabrication test vehicle to include customer designs on wafers along with Silex test structures.

You are welcomed on-board this MPW Shuttle to start in Q1 2018

Participants will be provided with layout and process design guidelines created by the Silex Technology team.  Please request this information to sales@silex.se using the e-mail subject “PZT MPW Guidelines”.

The cost to participate is 15,000 EUR and your contribution guarantees 15 samples delivered from the middle and edge of the wafer.  CAD layout data should be submitted by Feb 28, 2018 .   The shuttle wafers will start processing in March 2018.   Samples will be shipped to participants by end of Q2 2018.

For more information please contact: sales@silex.se