Working with Silex

Getting our customers through development and into production is the core mission of the company, and the NPI Process is the backbone of how this is done at Silex. The New Product Introduction Process, or NPI process, is at the core of how Silex develops and releases robust MEMS processes to production, and demonstrates how we work closely with customers through high volume productions. It is also a major reason our customers choose to work with Silex. Having the experience of hundreds of program engagements since the company’s founding, we have a unique perspective into the needs of the customer and the foundry, in defining an approach for process development and production release.

At Silex, we have realized that one key to delivering our customers MEMS products faster is through rapid product development and deployment. That, coupled with customer expectations to achieve 100% on-time deliveries for Production phase products, defines a necessity to create and adhere to an NPI Process bringing MEMS to Market, Faster™.