An Unwavering Commitment to Quality

At Silex, our commitment to quality drives everything we do. We strive endlessly to improve our business, our processes, our organization and our interaction with our customers.

Both our 6” and 8” fabs are ISO9001:2008 certified and feature state of the art MEMS manufacturing tools & equipment as well as quality and production management systems proven in over 10 years of complex MEMS manufacturing experience.

As a result, we have delivered hundreds of successful MEMS projects and BioMEMS programs for over 100 customers globally.

Silex NPI Process

Quality Objectives

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Production competency
  • Leverage process standardization
  • Sales and profit targets

Quality Follow Up

  • Monthly meetings to follow up on quality goals and act on tasks from the issue reporting system
  • Twice a year Management Quality Reviews to evaluate and summarize the action needed in the form of business change, support systems, equipment and personnel
  • Internal and external customer audits